My love of hounds goes back to 1989, with my first hound, a little Basset named “Bentley”, whom I acquired through a breeder at my first job as a veterinary technician.

    I have learned a lot since then – and from my first bloodhound in 1992, “Boone”, was his name.  From Boone, I realized that bloodhounds are amazing dogs, whose nose can not be rivaled by any other dog breed.  From owning this curious and determined hound, I decided that I wanted to try to breed as close to the ‘perfect’ bloodhound as I could.

    There will never be a ‘perfect’ bloodhound, but that will still always be my number one goal.  Temperament and personality is number one: outgoing, sensitive, sweet, funny and hard working are the traits we strive for at Copperleigh bloodhounds.

    Longevity, health, and movement are extremely important for us to concentrate on as well, and we feel that showing, working and socializing our dogs, to the best of our ability – and also doing continuing education on the breed, is what keeps us focused on our goal; of breeding better dogs.

    Our hounds do not live in kennels, they live in our home, play in our yards, go for walks everywhere, swim in our lake, car rides all the time, and come to work with me almost every day.  They are valued members of our family!

    Our litters are considered and researched very carefully and thoughtfully, before they ever happen; sometimes this process can take years.  If you are ready to have a bloodhound in your future, as part of your family,  contact us to see how our dogs will make a difference in your life. For show, work, and play, our bloodhounds do it all !

Active Member of the :  Canadian Bloodhound Club, the American Bloodhound Club, and the Canadian Kennel Club.