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Hi Sharon,

I just wanted to touch base with you, check in, and say hello from British Columbia! Manny's third Birthday is coming up February 6th 2013...I cant believe its been 3 years since I first met this rascal! Time has just flown by! Though our initial time together was more of an adjustment period for me, our bond with manny was immediate, and I am certain that at this point in time he tolerates me more than I him. Manny has fast become a spoke in my family hub and sometimes I wonder whether my family and friends prefer his company over mine!!! LOL People are intrigued by him, as he is somewhat of a rare(r) canine...this coupled with his sweet and affectionate demeanor make him a hit with any crowd! I hate to say this, but truly...if i had of known how much interest people would express over him when he's spotted around town I would have chosen another breed! Many a conversation have had to be had when yours truly is short on time and out for a brisk walk! HAHAHA! I have ran into a handful of bloodhound owners the past few years and ALL of them marvel at how well Manny is put together, particular attention is paid to his gait and he is quite honestly the most handsome little devil anyone's ever seen! And let me say with the utmost love from my heart, he is a devil!!! I have never met a dog with SO much personality, he is extremely playful and likes to tease but remains obedient to me when necessary. He seems to know just how far he can push before he gets a time out! A clever boy and very MANIPULATIVE!!!! BEWARE!!!! I am still to this day lured in by the false sense of serenity in the pools of his sad looking brown eyes!!! LOL!! He gets me every time!!! Manny is such a sweet, good natured and affectionate lad Sharon, I could not have imagined Copperleigh pairing me with a more suitable match than Manny...we have grown very, very close over the past 3 years and he has earned an irreplaceable spot in my heart. I have been strongly considering coming back to you for a playmate!!! Thank you so much for everything, cant wait to see your new website! Speak soon and best wishes. Manny & Brin :-)






"My excellent trailing bloodhound, 'Reasie', kennel name 'Reasonable Suspicion.' - Her name is due to that fact that my husband and I are Reserve Deputies for Sumner County Sheriff’s Department and Emergency Management of Tennessee. Our hounds are used for finding lost children, Alzheimer’s patients, various criminal cases and HRD.

Three years ago, our previous bloodhound, 'Missy', short for 'Admissible Evidence', died at the advanced age of 12 years. I was devastated. I thought I would never find another bloodhound as good at mantrailing and as my constant companion. As a puppy she had broken her leg, required surgery and kept separated from her kennel mates. I spent many hours in her kennel holding her in my lap and stroking her with love. We created such a strong and lasting bond. My husband, Tim, knew that I was crushed and thought if I quickly did not find another puppy, I would never heal.

Tim found an ad in the American Bloodhound Club bulletin and called Canada of all places. He spoke with a wonderful woman by the name of Sharon Danforth and got more information about an upcoming litter. He discovered that 'Reasie’s' bloodlines would be American, Canadian, UK and Czech. He knew that I had always wanted a black and tan hound with UK bloodlines. So with a lot of encouragement, I spoke with Sharon. Sharon described the litter and I indicated what kind of a hound I was looking for. She sent numerous pictures of the litter since the puppies were on the ground. I immediately fell in love with a couple of the puppies and asked Sharon to make the best match. Arrangements were made for us to go to Toronto to pick up our new black and tan female puppy.

Returning to Detroit, our son’s home and a layover for us, and the entire family was totally mesmerized by 'Reasie' who was 9 weeks old. She was frisky, gentle yet fearless, and very inquisitive. Our son had a German Shorthaired Pointer who 'Reasie' decided was just her size to take on. What a hoot watching her play with a 65 pound dog. We even had a very small harness with us so 'Reasie' ran her first trails in Detroit on our grandchildren.


We gave 'Reasie' a week to settle in with us and our two other bloodhounds. We started running puppy trails. By nine months she was mission ready. To prove the point to our friends, the doubting Thomas’s, a test trail was set out. This trail was a 24+ hr old car trail, windows up, 1+miles through our downtown, urban setting, 10 turns, and a double blind. A double blind means neither I nor my back up had any knowledge where the trail went nor the end of the trail. 'Reasie' did a fantastic job missing only 1 turn but picking up the trail at the next corner. This trail can be viewed on 'YouTube'.

After mastering trailing, 'Reasie' was started on water HRD. (Human Remains Dog). It took some time getting a consistent final response. She loves the water and truly enjoys playing in the lake after training is over. To her, the trails and HRD are just games. She loves it!!

Another attribute of 'Reasie’s' is her playful and loving personality. She is definitely a lap dog, especially loves kids and is so gentle with them. When running a trail on a child you see a change in 'Reasie’s' body language. She totally shakes until she makes her find.

Can’t believe the ball drive that she has. When we throw a ball into our pool she jumps in to retrieve it bringing it back for another throw. I give up long before she does.

Her next skill we are entertaining is to institute bringing her into the school classroom and have the children read their books to her. It is proven that children feel slight intimidation when reading to their teacher or another adult, but a dog does not judge. The kids love it plus it is good for the hound as gaining more confidence in new places and new noises.

We love 'Reasie,' her kennel mates love her and everyone she meets love her. Her temperament is only secondary to her physical being. "


Suzy Perry

Update June 12, 2014


Still trying to figure out how to deal with 4 hounds if we took one of these extremely special puppies- have they all been spoken for -

Cannot tell you how pleased we re with Reasie - she made  find in June on a drowning victim - hit right on top of the victim - extremely pleased

and pleasantly surprised - this was her first water recovery - also ran a trail on a suspected murderer in July - I did not know the

possible trail she could have taken as the police did not want me to influence her in anyway - she ran a trail from a gaming house to the murder victim drop site - then on a possible site of the weapon - totally awesome

Anyway hoping your beautiful Una is pregnant - please keep me informed - hate to say yes but really want another of Una's puppies - just hate to commit until can figure out vehicle configuration with 4 hounds

Thank you so much again for allowing us to the the owner's of one of Una's puppies

Suzy Perry






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