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1) Your name:

2) Family members names and ages:

3) Home address:

4) Phone number:

    Email address:

5) Do you own your own home or rent?

6) What types of dogs have you owned in the past?

7) What is it about the bloodhound breed that interests you?

8) Are you interested in: a pet, showing, search and rescue, obedience, therapy or

something else with your bloodhound puppy?

9) Do you have puppy classes within driving distance to your home?

10) Do you have, or are you planning on having a fenced yard for the dog?

11) Are you interested in a male or female? And Why?

12) Would you be willing to becoming a member to the Canadian and/or American Bloodhound


13) Occupation for any adults in house?

14) Does anyone in the household have allergies to animals?

15) Have you ever had to surrender/re-home a pet before?  If so why.

You may complete this for online and submit by clicking here.


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